Product Comparison nanoCAD Plus 20/Pro 20 AutoCAD 2020

User interface and basic technologies

User interface ribbon+classic ribbon+classic
Multiple document mode yes yes
File tabs yes yes
Layer, block and linetype managers yes yes
Object snap, object tracking and polar snap yes yes
AutoCAD command syntax yes yes
Command line: autohide mode, changing parameters
(font, color and height)
yes yes
Clickable command line options yes yes
Autocomplete of entered commands yes yes
SHX and TTF fonts yes yes
Autorecover of drawings yes yes
Unlimited Undo/Redo yes yes
Aliases, menu and toolbars settings yes yes
Select similar objects yes yes
Select overlapped and superimposed objects yes yes
User coordinate systems yes yes
External references yes yes
Linetype editor yes
Creation of viewport from model space yes
Dynamic blocks yes
Dynamic input yes yes
UNDO/REDO Preview yes -


Display properties of object under cursor yes yes
Notepad for text data exchange yes
Calculator yes yes
Multifunctional grips yes yes
Associative dimensions yes yes
Associative hatches yes yes
Additional commands for layers yes yes
AutoCAD-style tables yes yes
Excel-style table editor yes
Data extraction to tables yes yes
Table data sources MS-SQL, MS-Access,
Excel, txt, xml

Additional tools

Parametric 2D-design Pro version yes
3D Constraints Pro version
Library objects with behavioral properties Dynamic blocks (no creation) Dynamic blocks
Adding dialogs to control object behavior Using external
Using external
Editing of external references yes yes
Display of 3D-drawings yes yes
Creation of mesh objects yes yes
Switching of visual styles yes yes
3D-views yes yes
Orbit command yes yes
Operations with solid 3D-objects Pro version yes
Bounding Prizm MCLIP yes
Drawing Explorer yes
Model space and paper space yes yes
Viewports yes yes
Tool palettes yes yes
Object transparency yes yes
Color dependent printing (CTB) yes yes
Batch plot yes yes
Print to PDF yes yes
Print to PLT yes yes
Sheet sets yes yes
IFC import yes
PDF underlay yes yes
Operations with raster images yes yes
Raster mirror/rotate/deskew/crop yes
Raster four-point calibration yes
Raster clean-up (draw/erase) yes
Raster object snap yes
Point Cloud Import/Export (LAS, BIN, PTX, PTS, PCD, XYZ) yes


OLE Automation (Visual Basic Script/Javascript) yes yes
Visual Basic for Applications yes
LISP (with DCL) yes yes
.NET yes yes
Support for multiple profiles yes yes
Network Licensing yes yes
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